Our company firstly established as Dalgıç Transportation providing passenger transportation service to private and public institutions. Later it has expanded its business field, started to supply service in international logistics, fleet leasing, public transportation and Petrol stations and petrol transport, accordingly it has made its name with its institutional structure and service network.

Dalgıç Logistics has demonstrated its quality as a reliable and favorite company of exporters with its 120 tow trucks, 200 Mega Dorse and 10 tankers.


Our target is to offer our retail and corporate customers the success by means of determining their requirements related to development and innovation with a quality awareness, sharing knowledge and adopting approaches that will actualize such sharing and creating differences in terms of human resources and customer satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction is ensured by offering accurate goods and services in the accurate time with an accurate cost and quality.




Partner Countries;;


Europe, Russia, Ukraine, The Balkans, Turkish Republics


3rd Countries: Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan












The quality policy of our company, which aims to meet all expectations of customers within the framework of our commitment, are as follows;


  • Enhancing customer satisfaction during and after technical support and services,

  • Participation of all employees, who bear high motivation and success desire, in constant development process,

  • Increasing our efficiency by cooperating with our subcontractors in a reliable atmosphere,

  • Controlling and enhancing the processes affecting the success of our company and quality of goods and services,

  • Maximizing the customer satisfaction by providing service in line with customer demands,

  • Increasing market share and competition power of our company by means of reaching the desired level in terms of quality,

  • Responsibility of fulfilling and developing quality assurance system belongs to all employees.

The system will succeed if and only we cooperate and give support. In order to attain above mentioned goals, DALGIÇ LOGISTICS provides opportunities to its employees such as a modern organizational infrastructure, facilities, equipment and software.

Implementation of process approach, creation and application of a quality management system, control of such system by the management and constant enhancement of efficiency are considered as indispensable conditions by DALGIÇ LOGISTICS for the realization of above mentioned goals.